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Community Council

School Community Council

The Utah State Legislature passed a law in 2000 requiring every public school in the state to establish a School Community Council at the school-site level (Utah Code. Section 53A-1a-108). Each School Community Council consists of the principal, school employees, and parents or guardians of students attending the school. The School Community Council determines their school's greatest academic need and prepares a plan to address that need with the school's portion of the money distributed from the School LAND Trust program.

For more information on School Community Council, please visit http://www.schoollandtrust.orgOpens in a new window and use this website as an invaluable resource for your School Community Council. It includes information about elections and the responsibilities of council members along with timelines, checklists and other training materials.

A bill passed in the 2015 legislative session giving School Community Councils the responsibility to partner with school administration in creating a safe and constructive internet environment for students. If your council is looking for training options to meet the new Safe Technology and Digital Citizenship requirements, there are resources available at no charge.

School LAND Trust Plan

To view the LAND Trust Plan for Elk Meadows School Year 2023-2024: LANDTrust Plan 2023-2024

To view the LAND Trust Plan for Elk Meadows School Year 2022-2023: LANDTrust Plan 2022-2023

To view the LAND Trust Plan for Elk Meadows School Year 2021-2022:  LANDTrust Plan 2021-2022.

To view the LAND Trust Plan for Elk Meadows School Year 2020-2021:  LANDTrust Plan 2020-2021.

To view the LAND Trust Plan for Elk Meadows School Year 2019-2020:  LANDTrust Plan 2019-2020.

The following is the Funding Report for the past five years.

Funding Actual Funding
Actual Funding
Actual Funding
Actual Funding
Actual Funding
Current Funding
Elk Meadows Elementary $87,501.00 $100,040.00 $102,109.00 $92,486.00 $88,364.43 $92,597.19

Teacher and Student Success Plan

To view the TSSA Plan for Elk Meadows School Year 2023-2024:  2023-2024: Teacher and Student Success Plan

Parent Opportunities to Participate in School Community Council

At the beginning of each school year, the following letter is sent out to parents concerning School Community Council opportunities for involvement.  If you are interested in participating, please see attached flyer.  Thank you.

Community Council Flyer

Cellphones and Watches Memo

2023-24 School Community Council Meetings

All Meetings will be held in the Faculty Room beginning at 9:10 am on the dates listed.

  • October 11, 2023
  • November 29, 2023
  • January 31, 2024
  • April 3, 2024

School Community Council Agendas and Minutes 2023-2024 School Year:

Elk Meadows SCC Jan 11,_2024 Minutes

Elk Meadows SCC Jan 31. 2024 Agenda

Elk Meadows SCC Oct.2023 minutes

Elk Meadows SCC Nov. 2023 Minutes

Elk Meadows SCC Nov. Agenda 2023


School Community Council Members 2023-2024:

Shannon Bird President
Tiffany Smith Administrator
Kelly Giffen Teacher Representative
Shauna Hill Teacher Representative

First Term: 

Lisa Bird Parent
Laura Jensen Parent
Lora Forbush Parent

Second Term:

Emily Mallory Parent
Julie McEntire Parent

Election Results for 2023-2024 School Year: 

Community Council 2023-2024 Election Results

Archived School Community Council Meeting Minutes from 2022-2023 School Year:

Rules of Order and Procedure:

Elk Meadows Rules of Order and Procedure

12 Basic Rules of Parliamentary Law