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Special Events


♦ Information from NetSmartz on internet safety available to watch at home!  There are three different videos according to age groups.  Take a look with your child.  Thank you for helping us keep your children safe.

♦ NetSmartz:

We have our NetSmartz Training Assembly for Internet Safety every year for every grade. We will notify you when your students have attended the assembly.  After they have attended, students are prepared to complete the certification component of the NetSmartz Training Program. The NetSmartz certification program provides students with an interactive, small group, learning experience that solidifies the concepts covered in the large group training. Here are some activities that can be done at home.

K-3rd Grade:

Watch the "Bad Netiquette Stinks" video and have a discussion with the students.

Potential Discussion Questions:

  • What's one thing you liked about the video?
  • What does it mean to have good netiquette?
  • If someone is being mean to you online or on your phone, what should you do? Is it okay to say something mean back to them?

4th-6th Grade:

Have the students visit:

Instruct them to participate in the games, comics, and/or videos on the website for an appropriate portion of time. Follow-up with a discussion about the concepts learned.