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Elk Meadows Elementary Mission Statement:
Elk Meadows Falcons are growing to be
resilient, lifelong learners.



♦Message from Our Principal

Falcon Families,

We can’t believe we have almost a month of school under our belts.  We hope that everyone is settling into new routines and procedures.  There are a few new things at Elk Meadows; let me give you some details.  First big change, we are a No Homework school! When I announced this at our opening assembly, I got a big cheer from our Falcons! I want to let you know that I partnered closely with our School Community Council to make this change.  Research shows that homework has little to no effect on a students’ yearly progress.  The School Community Council asked that we find a way to communicate what is happening with learning in our classrooms.  This is where our grade level newsletters come in.  You might have already seen one come home, one from each grade level.  We will send those on the same color paper two times each month to help you know what is happening in your child’s classroom.  If you missed a newsletter, check out our website where we will archive all the past newsletters under each grade level tab.  Our hope is that this newsletter can help foster an after-school conversation around important student learning going on in your child’s classroom.  We also want to shift the focus from homework to nightly reading.  Research supports this as best practice and a huge indicator for success in becoming a strong reader.  Listening to books, reading out loud, and being read to are all important parts of becoming a proficient reader.  If you want to continue learning at home with your child, check out our Resources tab on our website.

Another great change that will be happening at school is a new district wide literacy program called Walk to Read.  Monday through Thursday our students will have thirty minutes where we will target literacy skills that might be missing.  We will group students according to what they need.  Students will practice the skills they are missing in a small group of five students or less taught by a teacher or an assistant.  For students who aren’t missing any grade level skills, teachers will provide an extension activity for them to put into practice what they know.  We will be reevaluating each child’s skills every fifteen days.  We are very focused on getting every student what they need and helping to develop exceptional readers.

We appreciate you taking extreme precaution and not sending sick children to school.  This helps keep students and staff safe.  Jordan District is facing a substitute shortage and it has been difficult, even this early in the year, to find coverage for our classrooms.  Please ensure you are doing your part and keeping your children home at the first sign of illness.  Another way you can help is to sign up to become a certified substitute in Jordan School District.  See our district website for more details on how to apply.

You might have noticed some changes in the quarantine and isolation procedures as it applies to Covid.  This website will help you know what to do as far as staying safe at school.

Coronavirus K-12 Recommendations

The following might help you plan what to do if there is an exposure to your student or family:

One last note, we have two positions available at our school.  We are looking for a 25 hour a week assistant to help with Covid tracking and covering classrooms.  We are also looking for a 10 hour a week lunchroom assistant to help manage our lunchroom.  These are great positions for parents in our community that want to be involved in our school in a meaningful way.

I also want to say thank you to each and every volunteer we have seen thus far.  Our extremely supportive community will never cease to amaze me!!! Each one of you helping in your child’s classroom makes such an important difference! Thank you for supporting our teachers and our school!!!

We are looking forward to another great year with our Fantastic Falcons,

Mrs. Smith


♦Back to School Night

Did you miss Back to School Night?  Take a look at the online information we prepared for you.

Virtual Back to School Night



♦Volunteer Video - link and information page

All those wishing to volunteer must fill out their Volunteer Application Form and view the Jordan School District Code of Conduct training video before they can volunteer.  This form will be renewed annually.

If you need a printed copy of the Volunteer Application Form, please see our office administration.  Our office administration will contact you if you need to be fingerprinted.  Thank you.

If you need to be fingerprinted:

  • Complete the Volunteer Application Form and turn it into the office.
  • View the "Code of Conduct" Training Video, sign the acknowledgement form, and return to the school for a signature from the principal before visiting HR to complete the background check.
  • Schedule an appointment to complete a fingerprint/background check (at no cost) by clicking here or visiting the following Website:
  • Bring your completed Volunteer Application Form, signed by the school administrator, to the Human Resource Department for your scheduled appointment. A new application must be completed annually.

Volunteer Application Form - fillable form

Code of Conduct Volunteer Acknowledgement Form - fillable form

Code of Conduct Video



♦  New Student Enrollment