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Computer Lab

Our computer lab assistants have been hard at work looking for websites that will help you - help your child!  They have found some good sites for you to check out.  See the list and links below.  Also, check out our Online Safety Rules we follow at Elk Meadows.


I will...

Set up rules for going online: times of day, length of time online, and sites allowed.

Be a good online citizen and do nothing to hurt others or that is against the law.

Report inappropriate information
to an adult right away.

Check with an adult
before downloading or installing software.

I will not...

Give out my Internet passwords to anyone other than my parents or teacher.

Plan to meet anyone without first check with a parent.

Give personal information without a parent's permission.
This includes my photo, name, address, phone number, parent's work number, school name, location, or places I go.

Respond to, or forward, messages that make me feel uncomfortable.


Great Learning Websites

STARFALL  (great for pre-K through third grade)