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Our librarians have been hard at work looking for websites that will help you - help your child!  They have found some good sites for you to check out.  See the list and links below with a short description of what you may find on those sites.  Happy Reading!!

Great Literacy Websites (Elk Meadows’ online library catalog) (public library site, so much good stuff here) (really great articles, book lists and reviews) (more great book reviews and articles) (super fun site with lots to read and do) (free online audiobooks for kids) (great tool to generate flash cards for vocabulary words, math facts, etc.) (great for short book synopses, recommendations by genre, and tracking reading) (fun story generator provides creative writing prompts) (family literacy promotion) (self publishing site for students)


Great Literacy Websites
for a printable version of the above list of websites


Just a reminder: The Salt Lake County Library System is a great resource for the entire family.  They have awesome resources and programs continually running to help those of all ages.  For example:

  • Hero Adventure Club (geared toward boys 8-12 who are reluctant readers, but anyone is welcome)
  • Great Reads Book Club (great for ages 8-12)
  • student library cards (students may check out 3 items at a time, no late fees)
Also, you will notice the very first link is a link to our school's online catalog so that you can search for items in our school collection right from home!  It's called Destiny and once you're at the site, simply click on Elk Meadows to search.