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Faculty & Staff

Hello Elk Meadows Falcons, my name is Tiffany Smith and I am thrilled to be the Principal at Elk Meadows!  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I have always loved working with children.  For my first job, I worked summers during my high school years running summer camps for elementary school age children.  I later attended college at Utah State University, go Aggies!!!  I received my Masters of Educational Leadership at Southern Utah University.  I have worked as a second and third grade Spanish Dual Immersion teacher, a PE teacher, an instructional coach, and an Assistant Principal.  I want to tell you all a little bit about what I love to do outside of school.  I love to spend time with my family.  We have one daughter and her name is Holland.  My husband, Mike, and I also have a goldendoodle named Perry.  We love to go on hikes, eat Mexican food and take vacations to sunny places!  I can't wait to get to know each of you throughout the school year.


Photo of Mrs. Tiffany Smith Mrs. Tiffany Smith Principal

Office Staff

Photo of Kathryn Head Kathryn Head Office Assistant
Baylee Lansford Assistant Principal
Photo of Heidi Mariani Heidi Mariani Administrative Assistant
Photo of Jen Wakley Jen Wakley Office Assistant


Photo of Holly Fjeldsted Holly Fjeldsted
Photo of Savannah Kimball Savannah Kimball
Photo of Janice Snow Janice Snow

First Grade

Photo of Jessica Brown Jessica Brown
Photo of Jody Comte Jody Comte
Photo of Annette Fasselin Annette Fasselin
Photo of Makayla Iverson Makayla Iverson
Photo of Annie Otley Annie Otley
Photo of Sharon Spallino Sharon Spallino

Second Grade

Photo of Susan Davis Susan Davis
Photo of Thyme Meleisea-Vea Thyme Meleisea-Vea
Photo of Michelle Olsen Michelle Olsen
Photo of Katie Snow Katie Snow

Third Grade

Photo of Tracy Huish Tracy Huish
Photo of Linda Seehusen Linda Seehusen
Photo of Crystal Sorenson Crystal Sorenson
Photo of Eleen Wilkinson Eleen Wilkinson

Fourth Grade

Photo of Cassandra Earl Cassandra Earl
Photo of Bradley Perry Bradley Perry
Photo of Angie Springer Angie Springer
Vanessa Thompson

Fifth Grade

Photo of Wendi Bailey Wendi Bailey
Photo of Emily Crane Emily Crane
Photo of Kelly Giffen Kelly Giffen
Photo of Shauna Hill Shauna Hill
Photo of Cami Vail Cami Vail

Sixth Grade

Photo of Laura Packard Laura Packard
Photo of Becky Pratt Becky Pratt
Photo of Rebecca Rendell Rebecca Rendell
Mindy Strano


Photo of Charles Hodlmair Charles Hodlmair Support Teacher
Photo of Stephanie Johnson Stephanie Johnson Behavior Analyst Associate
Photo of Emily LaRue Emily LaRue DK Teacher
Photo of Whitney Olsen Whitney Olsen Support Teacher
Marisa Timoney Support Teacher


Spencer Warburton Custodian
Photo of Jeff Welch Jeff Welch Custodian

Aides & Assistants

Photo of Elisa Bateman Elisa Bateman Production/Recess Assistant
Cassy Boyd Support Assistant
Photo of Rebekah Braden Rebekah Braden
Photo of Kalyn Clayton Kalyn Clayton Support Assistant
Jerrica Cranford Support Aide
Photo of Suzanne Drake Suzanne Drake Production/Recess Assistant
Photo of Spencer Duncan Spencer Duncan Theatre Teacher
Photo of Kristen Funes Kristen Funes PLC Aide
Photo of Tristen Gatzemeier Tristen Gatzemeier Support Assistant
Photo of Katie Gaulrapp Katie Gaulrapp DK Assistant
Photo of Katie Hansen Katie Hansen Production/Recess Assistant
Jennifer Hays Media Center Assistant
Bethany Herkimer Support Assistant
Valerie Holman Computer Lab Assistant
Photo of Stanley Jensen Stanley Jensen
Photo of Jaclyn Johnson Jaclyn Johnson Reading – Literacy Coach
Stephanie Johnson Computer Lab Assistant
Photo of Kimberly Kershaw Kimberly Kershaw PLC Aide
Janice Martin
Photo of Hope McMullin Hope McMullin DK Assistant
Photo of Stacey Nigh Stacey Nigh Media Center Assistant
Photo of Krista Nunes Krista Nunes Reading Assistant
Photo of Chrissy Orth Chrissy Orth Reading Assistant
Photo of Amber Partridge Amber Partridge Support Aide
Photo of Joette Pitcher Joette Pitcher Computer Lab Assistant
Photo of Jennifer Stokes Jennifer Stokes Support Aide
Myra Strickland Support Aide
Photo of Tricia Troester Tricia Troester Production/Recess Assistant
Photo of Kami Tullis Kami Tullis PLC Aide
Bailey Ulibarri
Jenny Volgelsberg
Photo of Shelly Walters Shelly Walters
Photo of Stephanie Webb Stephanie Webb Support Aide
Photo of Heather Wright Heather Wright Orchestra Teacher


Photo of Pixie Brock Pixie Brock SLP for Grades 3-6
Photo of Kiersten Cole Kiersten Cole School Psychologist
Chantel Fackrell Resource K – 6
Photo of Natalya McPharlin Natalya McPharlin SLP for Grades PreK-2
Photo of Julie Russell Julie Russell Resource K – 6


Photo of Julie Coles Julie Coles Nutrition Manager
Photo of Anna Galayda Anna Galayda Nutrition Worker
Photo of Kristina Guevara Kristina Guevara Nutrition Worker
Photo of Rene Kump Rene Kump Nutrition Worker
Photo of Mechell Yates Mechell Yates Nutrition Clerk


Rachael Day Support Nurse
Julie Young School Nurse