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Board Meetings                       

We will hold our PTA Board Meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 10:30 am at the school.  Please join us.

Other Documents

PTA Bylaws

PTA Budget - School Year 2021-2022


Photo of Jetti Andrewsen Jetti Andrewsen PTA Secretary
Photo of Scott Andrewsen Scott Andrewsen Advocacy VP
Photo of Natalie Bate Natalie Bate Historian
Photo of Jamilyn Bell Jamilyn Bell Community Engagement
Photo of Shanna Crump Shanna Crump Reflections Specialist
Photo of Liz Howard Liz Howard PTA President
Photo of Laura Jensen Laura Jensen PTA Health Commissioner
Photo of Caroline Morley Caroline Morley PTA Treasurer / President Elect
Photo of Carolann Rogers Carolann Rogers Room Parent Coordinator
Photo of Afton Senechal Afton Senechal PTA Community Engagement
Photo of Lisa Willmore Lisa Willmore PTA Membership VP
Photo of Rachel Winebrenner Rachel Winebrenner PTA Health Commissioner