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Attendance Policy

For a printed copy of the Attendance Policy, please see our Code of Conduct.


Punctuality and regular attendance are two important factors affecting school success.  Research has shown that an important aspect of students’ access to education is the amount of time spent in the classroom.  When students are absent from school, cut class, or arrive late, they miss opportunities to learn.

“Missed time in school leads to poor grades and further absenteeism, often creates a vicious cycle.”  (Phillips 1995).  “When students disrupt their classmates by their absences or tardiness, then they are also interfering with other students’ opportunities to learn.  And habits of absence and tardiness can affect work performance when these youngsters become adults.” (Nat. Center for Education Statistics 1996)

If your student is ill and you are keeping him/her home, please call the office to ensure that your student is excused from school.

Please do not send your child to school early!  There is no supervision on the playground before or after school and they will not be invited into the building as our staff uses this time to prepare and they are not available to work with or tend students.

Utah State Law (Public Law 53-14-1) requires every student between the ages of 6 and 18 to be in attendance at school every official school day.  The law further states that every parent or guardian has the responsibility of sending his or her child to school.   The staff at Elk Meadows Elementary is committed to the success of students.  Student success can be best achieved when students, parents, teachers, and school administration work together toward a common goal.

Types of Absences:

  1. Excused Absences:
    a. Illness (a maximum of 10 days may be excused due to student illness prior to requiring a doctor’s note.
    b. Doctor or dental appointments, which cannot be scheduled outside of school hours and are accompanied by a note from the professional.
    c. Funeral with parent permission.
    d. Vacation or Educational Leave absences that have PRIOR approval in accordance with the Jordan School District with the prior completion of the Vacation/Educational Leave Form.
    e. Home and Hospital instruction with principal approval.
    f. Required court appearances.
  2. Unexcused absences are not authorized by state law or by district policy, but occur with parental knowledge or consent. Examples of unexcused absences may be, but are not limited to:  “needed at home,” “homework completion,” “car problems,” “babysitting,” or “skiing.” Additionally, students will be considered unexcused from school if a parent does not call in their absence and/or does not send a note to the office within five school days of the absence.  Absences that are called in or reported after five school days will not be excused.
  3. Truancy absences occur when a student is absent without school and/or parent approval. A student is considered truant if he/she:
    a. Leaves for school but does not arrive at school.
    b. Arrives at school but does not attend class.
    c. Leaves school without following proper checkout procedures.
    d. Obtains permission to go to a certain place but does not arrive there.

Absence Codes Used on Skyward

 Absence Codes

A Absent
C  Check in/out
D  In-School Suspension
E Verified Ex Abs
G Guard Knowledge
H  Home/Hospital
I Check In
J  Testing/SEOP
K Detention
L Excused Tardy
N School Activity
O Check Out
S  Suspension
T Unexcused Tardy
U Unexcused Check In
V Vac/Educ Leave
W Way Late
Z  Verified Truant

Absent Reason Codes

AP  Appointment
DN  Dentist/Ortho
Dr  Dr. Appointment
FA  Family Activity
FU  Funeral/Wedding
IN  Injury
MB Missed Bus
OS  Over Slept
SA School Activity
SI Sick
Z   Sluff