Student Safety

Please scroll down for more information on:

  • Checking Students Out of School
  • Safe Walking Routes

  • Weather Rules – Inside/Outside Day
  • Drop-off and Pick-up Info
  • Busing Information


Checking Students Out of School:

For your student’s safety, we require a picture ID when checking your child out of school.


Safe Walking Routes:

Click HERE for access to the Safe Walking Routes  map from the South Jordan City website.


Weather Rules – Inside/Outside Day:

Please make note of what determines an inside day here at our school.  For air quality, when particulate matter (PM25) is about 90, an inside day is called.  PM25 levels are checked at  When precipitation occurs that would cause students to be wet, an inside day is called.  When the temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit (including wind chill) or below, an inside day is called.  Orange flags are posted on the front and east entrances when an inside day is called, signaling students are to enter the school when they are dropped off.  Please dress students accordingly.


Drop-off and Pick-up Info:

When picking-up or dropping off your students in either parking lot, please observe the following rules.

  1. When you are in the pick-up and drop-off lane, pull as far forward as possible.
  2. If you need to leave your vehicle, leave it in the parking lot and not the pick-up and drop-off lane.
  3. Always use the crosswalk when you need to cross the pick-up and drop-off lane.
  4. When crossing the streets, use the crosswalks at the corner of 3400 West and 9800 South.

We have several buses that will be given access to the East parking lot as they arrive at the school.  Parents using the East parking lot are asked to not use 3400 West for pick-up and drop-off until the buses have all left the school.   Our Safety Patrol will be placing cones at the entrance to the lot and will remove them only after all the buses have left, at this point parents will be able to access the lot.

Thank you for your patience and assistance with this important safety matter.


Busing Information:

Students in the outlined area are bused to school.  Any student outside of this area (but close to the busing area) that would like to consider being bused must fill out an Exception Request (available in the office).

busing map