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 Falcon Leader Award

Click for a printed version of the 3rd Grade Falcon Leader Award requirements.


Falcon Leadership Award

Requirements:  Third grade students must complete all these items to earn the award.

L – Learns Multiplication and Division Facts.

E – Excellent Cursive:  Pass off cursive requirements.

A – Awesome Attitude:  Earns at least 6 E’s on each report card.

D – Dynamite Attendance:  No more than 10 absences and 10 tardies.

E – Exceptional Reports:  Successfully complete 2 reports.

R – Remarkable Reader:  Earn 7 out of 9 reading rewards.

S – Super Speller:  Score at least 85% on 2 report cards.



Whitt Lovell

Elk Meadows Elementary School3rd Grade
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