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Community Council

If you would like information concerning the School LAND Trust, click on the link.

12 Basic Rules of Parliamentary Law


2017-18 Meeting Schedule

All Meetings will be held at 3:45 - 4:45 PM in the Office Conference Room.

  • 10-05-17
  • 11-30-17
  • 01-25-18
  • 03-22-18
  • 05-10-18

 2017 - 2018 School Year

Agendas and Notices will be listed here, as received.

May 2018 Agenda

March 2018 Minutes
March 2018 Agenda

January 2018 Agenda

November 2017 Agenda

October 2017 Agenda

March 2017 Agenda

January 2017 Agenda


2017 - 2018 School Community Council Announcement

The School Community Council is here for you!

Your School Community Council is here to give you a voice at the school.  You can contact any one of the members and have your concerns brought up and discussed at the next Community Council meeting.  The School Community Council participates in the development and implementation of the following:

• Comprehensive School Improvement Plan

• School Land Trust Grant

• School Professional Staff Development Plan

• School Neighborhood Access Plan

• Community Discussion of school-related concerns

• Fundraising activities

The Community Council is comprised of the following school employees, Mr. Ichimura, and parents.  You can find their contact information as well as the dates of the meetings listed below.


Aaron Ichimura
Amy Dudley
Kami Tullis
Stephanie Wright
Jennifer Zollinger
Shannon Bird
Jill Burnside
Adison Christensen
Marianne Dwyer
Shana O'Brien
Emily Crane
Rebecca Mortimer
Annie Otley
Andrew Ridge


 2017 - 2018 School Community Council Members


Financial Proposal and Report 2017-2018

Click this link for easier reading.  It will link you to the report page.